6 Tips for a Simple & Peaceful Summer

Welcome to the second installment of my Simple Summer Series! The summer season always seems to fly by much too fast, and I want to wring every last drop of adventure, relaxation, and joy out of it. A peaceful summer is going to look different for everyone—for some it may mean spending every weekend out at the lake while for others it might mean relaxing at home with friends and family. Take a couple seconds, close your eyes, and try to envision—what feelings and experiences come to your mind when you think about an abundant and joy-filled summer? Whatever you thought of, these tips will help provide a framework to make your summer one to remember.

1. Get Intentional

Being intentional with my time is one of the most important aspects for me when it comes to minimalism. It’s often referred to as many different things—being present, mindful, etc.—and whatever you decide to call it is fine, but what’s most important is understanding that a little intentionality and thoughtfulness goes a LONG way to creating an enjoyable life. Too many people mindlessly walk through their lives, letting experiences happen to them, reacting to situations instead of taking matters into their own hands. One of the ways I like to be intentional is spending a couple of minutes with my own thoughts at the beginning and end of each day. The previous post I wrote was all about the journaling technique I use to frame my days. I’m also a routine kind of girl, so I like to add a cup of green tea and a devotional to my journaling as well!

2. Embrace spontaneous adventures

As I just said above, I’m truly a routine kind of person, but there’s something about summer that calls us to deviate from the normal pulls of the day and do something extraordinary. Give yourself permission to embrace last-minute adventures, gatherings with friends, and things you might not have tried otherwise!

3. Eat delicious food

There’s nothing like a fresh, sun-kissed garden strawberry or mouthwatering BBQ with a cold glass of lemon iced tea! Fresh watermelon, a scoop of ice cream from our town’s local ice cream shack, tangy pasta salad—summer food has it all! I challenge you to enjoy your tried and true favorites, but also stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and attempt a new recipe!

4. Keep a Simple Wardrobe

Having fewer items in your closet reduces the number of choices you have to make in your day—giving you a bit more peace of mind to simply enjoy whatever the day brings. Although being pregnant has shifted a few of the options in my closet, my summer wardrobe consists of a few pairs of shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, a couple of dresses, and a pair of sandals and sneakers.

5. Implement a few healthy habits

When you switch out a few habits in your life for healthier ones, you’ll feel refreshed and increasingly motivated to choose happiness in other areas of your life. Making a change like this can seem very small, but will have a great ripple effect! Here are a few ideas: drink more water, incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet, wear more sunscreen, and choose positive thinking. What healthy habit would you like to make a part of your routine this summer?

6. Clear your schedule

Sometimes the best way to make room to say yes to an afternoon of adventures is to say no to other things. Is there something in this season that you can say no to? Taking a few minutes to look at your weekly schedule and evaluate what you’re committed to on a regular basis is just as important as decluttering your physical belongings! Practice leaving some breathing room in your calendar.

I hope you all are able to create the summer you find most peaceful and relaxing! Let me know which of these points you are planning to try—or if there are ones of your own that help you create more intentional space in your life.

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