The 12 Days of Decluttering

After taking a long break the last couple of months to settle in with our newborn baby, I’m back with a fun little challenge! The Christmas season often means that many new items come into our homes, and to prep for that, I typically do a small declutter before putting out Christmas decorations. This helps me get my home ready to enjoy the holiday season without an overwhelming amount of clutter. 

I was reminiscing about the January decluttering challenge my husband and I did two years ago and decided I wanted to start earlier this year. This December decluttering challenge is a fun spin on the 12 days of Christmas! Starting December 1st, I’ll declutter 1 item in our home; on December 2nd I’ll declutter 2 items, and continue on until the 12th!

Want to try this challenge with me? I’ll be updating this blog post with our progress! Join me as I go along, or try it on your own time! The holidays should be a time to enjoy the peace of the season, and it can be harder to do that with extra stuff we don’t need hanging around. I invite you to get creative with this decluttering challenge—don’t just choose to get rid of physical items! Maybe some of the things you’ll choose to get rid of include the pressure to “get it all done” or stressing over picture-perfect decorations or meals.

Whatever you choose, let’s declutter with grateful hearts to open up space for the things that truly matter this season!

Day 1: We decluttered an old dog blanket that was full of holes!

Day 2: Today we decluttered a travel version of a white noise machine and a onesie that our son outgrew.

Day 3: I took a brief look through my closet and got rid of 3 shirts I no longer wear.

Day 4: I continued decluttering my closet today and got rid of a pair of leggings that is too small now and 3 pairs of socks that had holes in them.

Day 5: I focused on getting rid of extras from around my house today! I found an old mascara, eyebrow pencil, stationary box, and 2 old receipts that were lying around.

Day 6: I did some virtual decluttering today and unfollowed 6 Instagram accounts that weren’t useful/inspirational to me anymore.

Day 7: A maroon nail polish that I no longer wear, an instruction manual, an old bookmark, some old papers, and an old box.

Day 8 & 9: I sorted through our gift-wrapping supplies and got rid of broken gift bags, ripped tissue paper, and old ribbons.

Day 10: Two old envelopes, two grey cardigans, four notes on my phone, and 2 contacts I didn’t need anymore.

Day 11 & 12: I finished off the 12-day challenge by clearing out my inbox!

Thanks for joining me on this decluttering challenge! Have a peaceful holiday season!

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