Simple Summer Series: Daily Journaling

Welcome to my blog series that I’ll be sharing throughout the summer of 2022—the Simple Summer Series! Summer is my favorite season, but it always feels like it flies by too fast. I want to spend time focusing on how we can make the most of our summers by embracing the small moments and joys that it has to offer. Not everything has to be a big, photo-worthy experience, but embracing simplicity can help you make time for what matters most to you. To kick it off, we’re going to chat about daily journaling—if you have any topics you’d like to cover on simplicity this summer, let me know in the comments below!

I love the idea of journaling but am terrible at it! I usually have great ambitions to start recording all of my thoughts and experiences, only to do so for a few days and then not open the journal again for 6 months. 

However, the benefits of journaling and starting your morning off with a bit of mindfulness can’t be beat! I truly love the feeling of sitting down with a hot cup of tea, the morning light streaming in through the windows, and putting my thoughts to paper—the whole day is ahead of me and the possibilities are endless! 

To kick off my Simple Summer Series, I’ve made a great little system for myself that helps me start my day by focusing on what matters and organizing my thoughts—plus it only takes a couple of minutes, so it’s easy to commit to! 

If you’re interested in bookmarking your mornings and evenings with a bit more intentionality, check out this free journal page template below that I created!

3 thoughts on “Simple Summer Series: Daily Journaling

  1. The biggest thing that’s helped me keep my daily journalling habit for a few years now is giving myself the permission to write just one crappy sentence. And because of that, I’ve never missed a day. But your prompts look amazing too. Thanks for sharing!

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