We Moved into a 730 Sq. Ft. Home in the Country! 

This summer has been a roller coaster, and a lot of our plans have changed since my last post, but I’m happy to say that they’ve led us to the point we’ve been dreaming of for the past two years—our little acreage in the country!

We had originally planned to build our dream home this summer, but backorders and high prices for materials forced us to rethink our plans and come up with a creative solution. We knew we wanted to be out in the country, enjoying all the simplicity and peace that the land had to offer. We ended up finding one of the last RTM homes that were currently in progress and for sale in our area and made a plan to put it on our land! 

The home we chose is 730 sq. ft. and has everything that we need. 

Now, I have a gorgeous view of the afternoon sun shining through the trees as I cook or do dishes. We watch the deer leaping through the fields and peacefully grazing. The stars are a thousand times brighter out here, and we can see the Big Dipper and Northern Lights shining through our windows.

We go for walks in the forest after work and my husband rides his dirt bike along the trails. We have fire pits, listening to the crackle of the logs and the sounds of the geese as the sun goes down, and we drink our morning coffee and tea in the crisp, autumn air and watch the world come to life.  

One thing this little house has helped us to do? Continue to declutter! The concept of minimalism really becomes a necessity when you’re living in a smaller space—there’s only so much we can actually fit into our home without stuffing it to the brim. Being out here has really made me think more about which material possessions we actually need and use regularly. 

Growing up in a city, I’ve always dreamed about a simple life in the country, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Being out here has also helped me to re-think time and slow my own life down. My typical, frantic pace I usually live my life at is calmed anytime I step out my front door.

Just because we’re living simply, doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of projects we want to work on! Make sure you stay tuned for all of the exciting things, big and small, that we’ll be working on!

Whether you live on an acreage or in the city, I want to know—what’s one of the first projects around your house that you did to make it feel more like home?

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