Building Our Forever Home

Well, it’s official! We’re building a house!

 We’ve lovingly dubbed the project The Harder Homestead, and we hope you’ll follow along with our progress as we not only build our forever home but dive into homesteading. 

The land we’re building on is special to us because it’s been in my husband’s family for many years, and we bought it from his grandparents. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to keep this land in the family and raise our own family here—something we do not take lightly, and are so thankful for.

The timing of us deciding to purchase this land was actually uncanny—it’s a story we’ll share really soon!

As far as inspiration goes, we’re dreaming about creating a classic white farmhouse—yes, even complete with a wrap-around porch!!

Disclaimer: We are in no way experts! We are first-time home builders and this is our first crack at homesteading as well, but we hope that you’ll enjoy learning with us as we grow, make mistakes, and enjoy the beauty of the process. We’re ready to share the ups and downs of this process, the mistakes we make along the way, and our inspiration we find! 

We’ve got lots of exciting ideas in store for sharing this journey with you and are looking forward to whoever wants to join us along the way. 

-The Harders

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