Making a Space Feel Like Home

Home is a funny concept. I’ve been living in rentals for most of my adult life and I find it so interesting how the concept of home can shift to wherever you are and whoever you’re with. There are places I’ve lived for only a few months at a time that create such a deep feeling of home in me because I connected with people and created amazing memories that I still treasure to this day.

I love being able to make a brand new space feel like home. It’s often the little things that can make a big difference, and I’ve come up with just a few ideas that can be easy to do no matter where you are.


Whether it’s muffins, cookies, bread, or some other sweet treat, I love baking something to feed myself and my husband. Often when I first move in somewhere, I don’t have a lot of snacks on hand, so this is a great way to give us something to grab. Not only does it help me get used to the appliances and layout of the kitchen, it also makes the space smell delicious!

Cooking a Meal

This one is quite similar to baking, and I know in the chaos of moving it’s often quite difficult to even find the ingredients or utensils you need to make a meal. But even if it’s really simple, cooking to nourish you and your family will make any space feel more homey. It signals your body and mind that this is a space where you can relax and feel at home.

One of my favourite cozy meals to make is a big pot of homemade hamburger soup. There’s something about adding ingredients, letting them simmer, and having the smell wafting around the kitchen that puts me at ease.

Add Some Greenery

Plants have always made the rentals I’ve been in feel bright and open! There’s something about being able to care for and nurture a plant that makes it feel like you are adding life and beauty to a space.

Light a Candle & Open up the Windows

Often I find that new homes have a weird smell to them. And when I say weird, I mainly just mean a smell I’m not used to. So I love to open up as many windows as I can and light some of my favourite candles! A sweet-smelling room with a summer breeze will make the place feel like home.

Create Some Memories

Like I mentioned earlier, part of the way to make a house feel like home is to set the stage—unpack, hang photos and decorate with some of your mementos, and turn it into a space that functions according to your routines.

After that, it’s time to start creating some great memories there! Make a bucket list, create a little jar of fun and spontaneous adventures to take, find a frame or photo album to hold all of the photos from the great times you have in your space. Whether you like to entertain friends and family, play board games, or just create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy—take full advantage of your new space.

How do you make a space feel more like home?

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