How To Refresh Your Space Without Spending Any Money!

We live on the prairies, and it takes a lot longer here for the seasons to turn, but spring has finally sprung! Even though it’s taken a while for the weather to warm up, I’m focusing on refreshing our space. I don’t usually purchase any seasonal decor for spring, but I like finding ways to welcome the new season. Here are a few easy ways to refresh your space without spending any money!

Move Your Furniture

I used to do this all the time as a kid and even as a young adult whenever I was feeling stuck and needed a change. There’s something about physically moving things around that changes your perspective too! Rearrange some furniture, or if that’s difficult to do because of the layout of your space, try moving smaller items for a fun, fresh new feel!

We moved one of our armchairs into our nursery, freeing up some space in our living room to adjust the positioning of another chair! A few months ago, I switched my nightstand with one in another room, and it brought some new life to the space. These were little changes, but it gave me a new appreciation for items that I once overlooked.

Bring Nature In

I love seeing the fresh blooms in spring and the reminder that new life is coming! Go on a walk and bring some of that nature back in with you—I have a rustic wood carrier with some jars in it that I love to decorate seasonally with whatever is around. Not only will this brighten up your home, but getting outside and going for a walk is so good for your health and mental health!

Open a Window

Open up your windows and let some of that fresh air in! I have found that letting fresh air circulate in our home boosts my mood as well. Plus, we get to hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling in the trees.


Of course, I have to mention decluttering! If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time minimizing your home, take just 10 minutes to get rid of some obvious items you no longer need—your home will feel more spacious with less crammed in it. Set a timer and get to it—you’ll enjoy peace of mind and more freedom to appreciate the spring season.

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