5 Reasons I’m a Minimalist

I’ve come to realize that simplicity isn’t just how many items are in your closet or how many pairs of shoes you own, but the depth to which you embrace the simple joys of life. 

And so, I call myself a minimalist and seek simplicity in everything I do – my schedule, my routines, and yes, my stuff. 

If you’re new to this journey or even an experienced minimalist, let me share 5 reasons why I chose this way of intentional living.

1. Minimalism saves you money

When you’re not trying to keep up with pop culture, follow the latest fashion trend, or get the latest gadget you’ll find yourself spending less money on things that will eventually be forgotten in the back of your closet or that will only serve you for a short time. I’ve found that minimalism focuses me on what I truly need. 

Does this mean that minimalism is a rigid set of rules that forbid me from buying the things I want? Of course not!

Being a minimalist allows me to thoughtfully consider my purchases before I buy something to ensure it’s something I’ll get joy from and that’ll serve me longer. I promise your wallet will thank you!

2. Minimalism saves you time

I used to spend so much time figuring out what to wear each morning. But since I’ve pared down my wardrobe, it takes me seconds to choose something I love that makes me feel comfortable and confident! 

When you own less of something, it means that you can spend less time managing and organizing it and more time enjoying it. 

Less dishes, less laundry, less maintenance, you name it!

3. Minimalism is environmentally-friendly

When you buy less and have to spend less resources maintaining everything you own, it has a positive impact on the environment. 

I’ve found that as I’ve embraced a more minimalist lifestyle, I’ve begun to care more about where the items I purchase actually come from. I hope that it will also inspire you to find more sustainable options in your life!

4. Minimalism allows you to focus on what’s truly important

Having less opens up more space in your life to be filled with the things that really matter to you. 

I believe that at the end of our lives, we’ll look back fondly upon memories of family, friends, hobbies, and moments of helping others instead of the stuff we accumulated.  

Don’t believe the myth that minimalism has to look the same for you as it does for others. 

Take the time to think about what’s most important to you. 

For me, it’s cultivating a space to welcome in family and friends and joyfully embrace the crazy, spontaneous, beautiful moments of life. That might be completely different from what you just defined as your important things to focus on and that’s okay. 

Once you’ve defined what’s important to you, minimalism can help simplify the less important things in your life to intentionally create space for what’s truly important.

5. Minimalism is a mood booster

Having less stuff feels good. Like a weight that’s been lifted from your shoulders, knowing that you’re surrounded only by what you absolutely love or things that serve a purpose is a happy thought. 

Be encouraged in knowing that any intentional steps you take towards living the life that you define as joyful is a success. 

I’d love to hear your reasons for wanting to become more minimalist! Leave a comment below and let me know what motivates and inspires you!

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