6 Tips for a Simple & Peaceful Summer

Welcome to the second installment of my Simple Summer Series! The summer season always seems to fly by much too fast, and I want to wring every last drop of adventure, relaxation, and joy out of it. A peaceful summer is going to look different for everyone—for some it may mean spending every weekend out […]

Simple Summer Series: Daily Journaling

Welcome to my blog series that I’ll be sharing throughout the summer of 2022—the Simple Summer Series! Summer is my favorite season, but it always feels like it flies by too fast. I want to spend time focusing on how we can make the most of our summers by embracing the small moments and joys […]

Growing Yard Projects

I’ve taken a long break from the blog because there has been a ton happening here around the Harder Homestead! The main reason is that we’re expecting our first baby this August! Getting ready for baby’s arrival has been the primary focus for the past months, and also what inspired this blog post. We’ve started […]

5 Decluttering Methods for When You Feel Stuck 

It’s the end of January, and maybe your well-intentioned plans to organize your home, declutter your belongings, or take back a space started off well, but have run out of steam. It’s easy to get sucked in by the winter blues and feel cooped up in your home!  I’ve often found that decluttering and organizing […]

We Moved into a 730 Sq. Ft. Home in the Country! 

This summer has been a roller coaster, and a lot of our plans have changed since my last post, but I’m happy to say that they’ve led us to the point we’ve been dreaming of for the past two years—our little acreage in the country! We had originally planned to build our dream home this […]

Making a Space Feel Like Home

Home is a funny concept. I’ve been living in rentals for most of my adult life and I find it so interesting how the concept of home can shift to wherever you are and whoever you’re with. There are places I’ve lived for only a few months at a time that create such a deep […]

4 Tips for Moving

As you may know, my husband and I are in the process of building a house on a piece of land we bought last year! In order to be closer to our build site and oversee some of the progress, we decided to find a new rental. Which means we’re moving! When it comes to […]

8 Tips to Declutter Your Digital Space

As much as I’ve tried to implement minimalism into each aspect of my life, after doing a decluttering challenge in January, I realized I had been ignoring one vital area—my digital space.  When it comes to my laptop and phone, I’m essentially a hoarder. I love to store and keep every note, photo, and file […]


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