Making a Space Feel Like Home

Home is a funny concept. I’ve been living in rentals for most of my adult life and I find it so interesting how the concept of home can shift to wherever you are and whoever you’re with. There are places I’ve lived for only a few months at a time that create such a deep […]

4 Tips for Moving

As you may know, my husband and I are in the process of building a house on a piece of land we bought last year! In order to be closer to our build site and oversee some of the progress, we decided to find a new rental. Which means we’re moving! When it comes to […]

8 Tips to Declutter Your Digital Space

As much as I’ve tried to implement minimalism into each aspect of my life, after doing a decluttering challenge in January, I realized I had been ignoring one vital area—my digital space.  When it comes to my laptop and phone, I’m essentially a hoarder. I love to store and keep every note, photo, and file […]

Building Our Forever Home

Well, it’s official! We’re building a house!  We’ve lovingly dubbed the project The Harder Homestead, and we hope you’ll follow along with our progress as we not only build our forever home but dive into homesteading.  The land we’re building on is special to us because it’s been in my husband’s family for many years, […]

8 Steps to a Seasonal Minimalist Wardrobe

When it comes to minimalism, I’ve found that the closet is one of the best places to start because it’s so tangible and will make an immediate change to how your home feels! I’m a big supporter of choosing only clothing that makes you feel like you—the items that make you feel confident, beautiful, and […]

5 Reasons I’m a Minimalist

I’ve come to realize that simplicity isn’t just how many items are in your closet or how many pairs of shoes you own, but the depth to which you embrace the simple joys of life.  And so, I call myself a minimalist and seek simplicity in everything I do – my schedule, my routines, and […]

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